Acupuncture For Digestive Health in Asheville, NC

Have a happy belly once more!

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Good health begins with good digestion. If you experience embarrassing and painful symptoms of bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, and/or acid reflux know that you are not alone. 70 million Americans suffer with digestive disorders. Are you overweight, feel tired all the time, angry, anxious, irritable, depressed or a combination of these things? If any of these conditions apply to you, let me help you. In addition to being physically painful and uncomfortable, digestive disorders can also disrupt your sleep, your mood and your work, as well as your social life.  

I am here to help put you back in balance to obtain optimal health holistically through a variety of Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities. These modalities include acupuncture, herbal prescriptions,  dietary therapy, tui na (Chinese medical massage), Mayan abdominal massage, cupping and gua sha. I also offer healthy cooking classes so you can learn how to make delicious meals yourself that will nourish and heal your body from the inside out. ​