Acupuncture For Digestive Health in Asheville, NC

What is Chinese herbal medicine? 

Chinese herbal medicine is made up of organic substances mostly from plants including leaves, flowers, roots, rhizomes, seeds, peels, barks, resins, and fruits and sometimes includes minerals. These herbs have their own unique flavors and medicinal properties and are hand chosen by the practitioner to combine in such a way to make a formula that is unique to the individual user.   

I prescribe Evergreen herbal granules.  This brand is thoroughly tested for the utmost in purity, safety and efficacy, they are pesticide free and contain no contaminating constituents. Granules are easy and quick to prepare and are made from raw herbs in a concentrated form. Unlike decoctions (raw herbs you cook for hours yourself) these granules have no strong smells or unpleasant taste and use about a shot’s worth of liquid to be taken. 

Some benefits of Chinese herbal medicine is that it is non addictive, when properly prescribed and taken it is safe, and does not cause harmful side effects as many pharmaceuticals do.  

Have a happy belly once more!