Acupuncture For Digestive Health in Asheville, NC

 What is dietary therapy and nutritional counseling? 

After your initial intake which covers discussing your whole body system to find out which areas are in need of balancing, the practitioner in cooperation with the patient will decide if dietary therapy/nutritional counseling will be beneficial. Awareness of what the patient is actually putting into their body including the types of food and drink, the time, amounts and how it affects their mood will be recorded for one week with a food journal. The practitioner will then evaluate the information given and make healthy suggestions as to balance the health of that individual. Traditional Chinese Medicine assigns various temperatures and flavors to the nature of various foods and the practitioner will advise the patient on ones to include and/or avoid according to their unique underlying condition.  No two people will be given the same recommendations.

For example if the patient has been given a diagnosis of an underlying heat condition from the perspective of traditional Chinese Medicine then the practitioner would like to balance that by suggesting foods that are cooling in nature etc.  

In addition to this approach, the practitioner will look at the patient’s condition and help identify and eliminate food sensitivities or triggers as well as foods that can cause inflammation or difficulties in digestion.