Treatment Modalities

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​Services will be determined at the time of intake by the practitioner as deemed necessary at time of treatment.  All services rendered are included in the price of the office visit.  The price of herbal formulas if prescribed are a separate charge.  

In a one hour treatment session, one or more of these modalities may be used: acupuncture, Chinese Medicinal herbal prescriptions, cupping, gua sha, Mayan abdominal massage, tui na   (a form of Chinese Medical massage), and dietary therapy/nutritional counseling depending on the visit.  Click on the buttons below to find out more information on each specific modality.


The initial office visit is 1.5 hours @ $100

This will include a thorough intake with an in depth discussion to fully evaluate the patient's health history and current condition and includes a treatment session.

A follow up visit is 1 hour @ $65

This includes a brief review of the current condition to assess progress with most of the time spent on the treatment.


Have a happy belly once more!

Acupuncture For Digestive Health in Asheville, NC